Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bunday and things

Today is fastelaven, we have a branch with feathers but I slept almost all day with a bad throat so no buns and cream, yet....

Still plodding along on my knit, here is my bought scarf under for size comparison, almost used up 100 grams of yarn already and then I have to learn the decrease. Hehe. Next time I think I will make my increase on every sixt row instead of fourth like now...

And I started some granny squares because I needed something fun and easy. After all granny squares are quite addicting. A baby blanket since I am making baby things this year!

No bunday without buns! Here they are eating rocket, they need separate bowls or Valmin will take his loot and hide from Mimle which always means she eats his lot too!

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