Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Thirty-Five

In the cal this block is block 36 since we never made block 32 the Crocodile Flower by Joyce Lewis because this is one of the blocks that were not free anymore. I have always wanted to try the Crocodile stitch but since there were so few days left until we had to give the blanket away I felt that I didn't have time for a whole new technique. But that block looks stunning.

But this post is about Frostbloom and we did learn a new technique in this one too, although it was not quite so daunting since the new technique was only in the ruffle and seemed doable.

Frostbloom was squarely easy and straightforward up until row 16 which is the ruffle part, it looks very complicated and while I was doing it I felt that there surely had to be more to it, but it is all sc into the front loops only leftover from another round.

And the petals were also added in the end which made it a lot simpler.
So, this is a square that looks complicated but is very easy, just stick with it!
*Kio´s square, I adore her colours, not that I don´t like mine too, it is just her colours really suit the name of the square, these colours look like a frostbloom on a lake somewhere. Dainty and fragile whereas my colours area bit more screaming, but maybe my square got a frostbite...

Sorry about the post being late, I have been very busy helping out at my mothers place this past week, but we are almost done clearing out clutter, but better late than never. Also I am busy with Gacha Stitches and something fun for next year...

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