Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Thirty-Two

This weeks Wedding Wednesday comes a bit later than usual because little bunny is sick, he is much better now (Friday) but Wednesday was rough.

Another easy square, but still it does not look too easy, it looks interesting and there are several stitches which makes it more fun to do, but still this pattern is well written and there are no weird parts of the pattern just to make it fit like a few of the other squares.
I do like that after row three it seems like a solid row and then on row four you add sc into the chains and suddenly the circle is not quite so dense.

Love the green and blue on this and the purple in the middle seems to fit, it does seem like a flower burst now.

*Kio's square.
I love her colours, she has used a lot of white in this and it looks good, mine seem a bit squashed in the last picture but I think that is only because it is not completely flat. *Kio is very good at blocking and I think she blocked her squares a lot more than I did so her squares are a bit more square than mine, so I feel inspired and will do my best at blocking from here on.
Other than that, I love *Kio's colours.

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