Sunday, 9 October 2016

Bunday and a new friend

Valmin is better, yay!
He is pooping and eating and drinking and jumping and generally making mischief like a bunny should. Mimle is happy, although she is a bit upset the critical care has stopped coming. And Valmin is slowly stopping to run away when he sees me too which is a plus. 

Mimle can be caring too.

Rip box
This is the underside of the bunnies box, they have chewed all the way through, Mimle was not very subtle in telling me she wanted something new to chew on...
#it wasn't me
It could still be useful, but it is a hazard standing like that when they start digging so we threw it out. Now I need to clear the last boxes from mum's house so the buns can get one of those instead.

Bunday treats.

Bunnies have had herbs and hay-cakes on the floor and the humans have eaten the last of the apple cake and even some cupcakes from the neighbours. And sushi on Friday as usual and taco on Saturdays is the new thing, bunnies love taco Saturday because they get rocket.

Oh, and we have a new pet! A pikachu.
Remember last week when I saw one on our walk and it ran away, well I have one now. Hah!

Other then that 
my box is finished, and I have done a lot more on some secret stuff since it is less than three months 'til Christmas and all.

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