Tuesday, 25 October 2016

More cute tunes tuesday

It is rare that I L O V E all three songs on a single these days, but C-ute is leaving us with a great single (if it is the last, I am hoping at least one more single, a cd or the like, and that single has hard competition with this triple single)

Singing ~ just like back in the day
These two songs (first song was last week) feels very final and celebratory of C-ute and their journey,
They have done their best for so long, this song is written by Tsunku.

Love is like static electricity
C-ute goes back to their cute days and sings another sweet tune.
I love the static glued letters, such a nice touch. But why does Chisato wear that awful skirt? It clashes with the soft hues on the others clothes... 

The C-ute girls are chameleons and can be fierce, cute, funny and professionals, I will really miss them, no one in H!P are on their level yet....

I am buying all of these songs!

Other than that *Kio and I are still having fun doing water aerobics and yesterday gachastitches started another pattern, hopefully it will turn out good and we can give it out. But in the mean time we are still chugging along on the Harens Saganatt, which will be published soon;)

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