Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tuesday Tunes

Juice=Juice with Dream road kokoro ga odoridashiteru,
another song from the concerts, and I must say it really grew on me, to the point that I really love it, however I am not so sure about the new edit of it, somehow it was different in the concert and when shown on the girls live... Even though the dance is somewhat quirky I like it and it worked very good on the concert. 

I like that in the video the flower petals are in the colours of each member and that those shots are shot in reverse. I hate how it sort of fades out when the song is done though...

Keep on Joshou Shiko!! is another good song from this single, but I haven't heard the last yet so I don't have anything to say about it.

All in all I am hoping this single will make me follow Juice=juice more, they were so promising in the beginning with the saxophones and stuff but then they turned a little meh, Juice=Juice is a strong group and they are good but it doesn't help if I find their songs boring, which thankfully this single I don't. ^^
So heres to juice=juice I hope they will grow on me because next summer when there is no more C-ute I need an interesting group and sadly Angerme is lacking I think, and they are too big, Country Girls I do like, MM is a bit meh these days too, except Masaki, and in regards to Kobushi Factory they are still so new so it is hard to tell, but I loved the last single. Tsubaki is meh, except Hitorijime...

Anyway, it is October and it is starting to be colder these days. I like the colder days, Mister M and I try to take a walk everyday and the air is crisp and clear, even if Mister M complains that he can't see the stars too well.

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