Monday, 17 February 2014

How is my blanket doing?

I am still doing one square a day. Happily. Have I told you why I love granny squares so much? I love things in three, the flow of them and the counting is very soothing, I usually prefer even numbers to odd, but three is a very aesthetically pleasing number for things to be in. So I love it. I love counting, I hate math, but this is not math, this is rhythm, and I like that. I have always counted things to calm myself, steps, squares, cabinets, and I have always hated when they stopped at odd numbers, so I had to count again. Sometimes I like counting things I know the answer to, like fingers. I walk somewhere with music in my ears and count my fingers. I touch the tips to each other and mutter to myself the number, and since I am only counting one hand but I have two I count in doubles. It is very soothing.

I also love the use of colours, with just small changes things can look drastically different. And at the moment I am doing mostly one coloured squares. Whereas on the last blanket I used multicolored squares in different pink shades. I still use pink in this one, but here the colours are less vibrant, more muted and they mimic my feelings at the moment. 
And the weather. 

If I have counted correctly there are only six days left of the Olympics, so I either have to make one more row on the long row so that it counts six. Or I can make as many as possible and hope that I can finish ten and do two rows, which will be more blankety….

I don't think it would count as a finished blanket, I think it is too small, and I doubt I would feel satisfied with it being this small…. But we will see when Sunday comes.

Mimle is resting. Look at that adorable tummy, I wish my tummy was just as cute and yummy.

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