Friday, 21 February 2014

The case of the bookmarked blanket


And, I made some more bookmarks, I have another blue to make and then I have finished with this pattern, then I have another bookmark pattern in mind. 
And this is the yarn I will make my granny stripe blanket in later, or the ripple, we will see which one I tackle first. But before that I have to finish at least one more blanket, I think this one is close to being finished.


It now has 5 x 7 squares and reaches almost to my chest. There is no way it will be finished in time for the Ravellenics :S, as I am positive it will be too small. Maybe it needs another category? I will look and see if something springs to mind. I wish you could see how the colours really look, because the colours never look remotely right when I take pictures…. The dark purple and brown look like the same colour… I will miss having a warm blanket on my lap in the evenings when I start other projects… This yarn is so warm. Oh well, I could always start another.


I made another hook case. This button too is an extra from a sweater. And it is mostly made up from stash, the inside is white, and the outside purple, I had three rows left and the assembling to do when I ran out of yarn. The colour I bought is slightly different, but I think it works. 

I think it will be a Christmas/birthday gift for someone.
(Sorry for the bad photos, it is dark and gloomy today here).

 I like how it turned out, I didn't need to block it as it is the perfect size, all I had to do was use a bigger yarn... 
 Even if I still have no idea what row number 44 really want me to do. But I am getting quite good at just doing something as I go though.

No pictures of Mimle this time, as she is in her digging box and wishes not to be disturbed.

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