Sunday, 2 February 2014

Yarn Stashing Bunday

Yesterday I was at the store buying groceries and I thought I'd pop by another store to buy some more of that white yarn because I will be using it to finish off my cousins masters degree blanket. And then I saw that they had a sale, so I went a little nuts. (well not really because I spent the amount I had as a maximum spending limit). I got 15 balls of yarn. Buy 2 get 1 free is excellent. And so I will show you my stash.
I also bought some yarn on, a place where people can sell off their unwanted things.

So, here goes. Don't be scared, because I have a plan for all the yarn and now that I am almost finished with two out of three blankets I can soon start another right?
Firstly, a closeup of the yarn I got in my swap on the Ravelry forum. I love this yarn. I think maybe one will be a doily, but I am not sure. And the other a lacy summer shawl. I think.

This is some of the yarn I bought at the sale, I started a little bit with it and made a bookmark. See my last post.  But I think I will use the rest and knit some wrist warmers for the Ravellenic Winter Games 2014.

This is the rest of the sale yarn, a cheap acrylic, called Baby Soft from Nille, I am hoping to make a Granny Stripe Blanket. I know I have to buy some more, but some of the colours are leftover from my finished Pink Granny Square Blanket (pictures will come later).
So I am being responsible and using what I have. I think this will be a nice spring blanket. That is what those pastel-y colours remind me of anyway and soon there will be spring.

This is the last of my stash. Patons Cotton Top in Shade 6428, and the little used blob on top is some remnants my mother had that I inherited, she knitted a vest with it before I was born and finished it some years ago, I got it because apparently it did not fit her anymore or the colours were a bit more me. I LOVE that vest, and the yarn and I was so happy I found some yarn that resembled this a little bit. I wonder if there is enough to make another vest? For me? If there is, I will try and knit one. Perhaps I will have it finished by the time my non-existing daughter turns 20?

Anyway, I love my new yarn and I will try to knit and crochet a bit more this year too.

Not impressed.

And since I promised. And because it is Bunday. 
Here are some pictures of bunny frolicking yesterday. Today she has spent most of the morning sleeping under the sofa.

Mimle made a mess with her newly devoured hay cake with chamomile. But she loved it and says thank you. May I please have another?


E2 said...

I sure miss being unemployed, affording to buy new yarn all the time o_O

Vilje Vanilje said...

Well, last time I bought yarn was three years ago and I had used up most of my stash, so I have been saving for a while. The yarn at Nille cost 100 kr, and the rest cost me 80, so it is not like I spent thousands.
And if I want to buy yarn and not go to the movies or cafes or any other thing I think I can… I manage to pay all my bills by myself so it is not like I use money I don't have so.