Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Year of the Blankets

Are you tired of blanket updates yet?

All of these blankets were wips, and my hope is that I will have them all finished within the year so that I can start some more blankets, because you can never have enough blankets. I need to make a ripple and granny stripe blanket! I have an urge and it won't stop until I fulfill it. So I am trying to finish these off. I am pretty sure one of them needs to wait for a while because I am out of yarn, and that yarn is expensive, but I am saving so lets stay hopeful shall we?

Oh, how I loved this when I started it. Pattern from Ravelry. One of my first starts from there too. 
The yarn is a discontinued yarn Helen from Novita. But I managed to snag some more colours of this when I was in Sweden a couple of years ago, so each row will be a different colour I think. With grey as a border. I might take this one completely apart and start again. Making each square a different colour and the grey as a border and to crochet them together. I have only two different pinks and one purple 
  and the grey those not really suit it as anything other than a border…. But I do have four or five skeins of each colour so I guess the blanket will be baby sized. Unless someone finds me some more yarn.

This blanket you should know. It is not finished, and I am waiting for my mother who bought some yarn for me to make it bigger. I want it to reach from my toes to my head. At the moment it stops at my chest :)

 This is my longest blanket Wip, I remember my mother helping me to get this started right after I finished my first ever Granny blanket. And since then I have learnt a lot about yarn and techniques, but I still love this blanket, even if it takes forever to do. I have used up some of the yarn since, and that is partly why it has taken so long, to find suitable colours to continue. I feel a bit impressed because I have lost the chart since, but, I am able to continue anyway because the pattern is fairly simple, but that only means that my skills have improved since starting, because that is something I would have needed my mothers help with…. Too bad though that the pattern is missing, because I remember it had a lovely edge around it…. If anyone has the pattern please let me know, I think it was from Familien, and the pattern was called sukkert√ły something. But I think I will survive without it, so don't stress. :)

Two are finished! Yay Me. And hopefully the first one will soon be delivered to my cousin, if not by me, then by mail or something. :)

I am truly in love with this blanket, even if the white makes me a bit to scared to really use it as I am a real spiller and spill most of my food when I am eating. Yes, I always have food on my face and clothes after a meal. I am a real clutz.

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