Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Crochet Hook Bunny Photoshoot and some tunes

 Mimle and I tried to take some pictures of my finished item. I bribed her with treats, and apparently, some other bun might try to steal her treats so she ate them super fast. Like we starved her or something. She was not patient or nice and tried running me over several times in her frantic search for treats.

Hei, Mimle, we can't see my crochet finish, you are in the way. And the treats are on the floor as well as in my hands yes, but you have to eat the one on the floor first...

Oh, yeah, and I am wearing this sort of jeans, that is what you get when you watch too many late 90's to early 2000 shows, you think this style is the bomb. But I do love my "snekkerbukse". It is comfy, warm and surprisingly very soft, unlike the one I had when I was thirteen. 

Where are the treats, do you have them in your hand?
Eat the ones on the floor first, Mimle.

I spot the treat, now give me!

And then she jumped over the crochet hook case and I got a good shot of her bum, not really what I was aiming for Mimle, but yes, your butt is cute. Now try to stay on the other side so that I get both you and the project in the same frame, please?

Like that. A very regal pose. Bunny knows there are no more treats and are finally chewing the ones she had in her mouth. Sillybunny.

And, it is Tuesday Tunes here, so I leave you with a very funny song, which apparently is about dieting, but when you look at the lyrics it is not really a pro diet song.
I love Berryz, they always have such fun songs. And Momoko, I love your grown up hair, but Risako, a little tip, yes, when you colour your hair blonde it is a good idea to do the brows too, but it would look better with a shade darker on the brows than your hair. I have dark blond hair and black eyebrows, it looks a bit silly, but that is why I have a fringe….

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