Monday, 10 February 2014

My Crochet Hook Case is Finished

Halfway through, and yes it is too small….

The chart:

I mucked up abit, though, more than just the gauge, but I merrily trotted on, I did not let any small mistakes deter me from making a finished object. No Sir. So I winged it after I got stuck. Luckily for me, I got stuck right about halfway through the back, so all I had to do was just pretend everything was alright and do the same as I did on the first side of the back. Turned out ok.
And I added four rows at the top. I think it is just the right size, barely of the hooks.
So now, the case is blocking by itself.
I hope it will turn out to be a success, if so, I am posting the front and better pictures tomorrow. :)

Also, I think I will go through my stash, since this used just one ball of yarn, maybe I have some slightly bigger yarn I can use to make another. That or just use double the white I have used on this one.

Btw, my blanket is chugging along. I am doing it like a pro and sticking to my plan, one square a day. And by the end of the Ravellenics I will have a finished lap-blanket thing. 
Also, I found some more of the yarn I am using to make that blanket too. Yay.

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