Saturday, 15 February 2014

My blanket is growing

I have a total of 27 squares in my blanket. And I have faithfully done one every day of the Olympics. (The blanket was a wip before).

Mimle is pleased about the progress. As long as she gets treats she will happily pose for some photos.
The yarn is made of  20 %Alpaca, 15% wool and 65% Acrylics, so it is quite warm and snuggly and i love having the blanket on my knees while crocheting in the evenings. I think this will turn out to be a warm winter/autumn blanket for all those cocoa drinking nights.

I think if I left the blanket on the floor someone would drag it under the sofa and sleep on it. But there are enough Mimle Fibers already in it, the joys of the molting season, which thankfully seems to come to an end soon.

Today I have plowed some snow outside and made a path to our door, almost killing my wrist in the meantime, and I am contemplating pizza. 

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