Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My other blanket is also finished

Mimle is demonstrating how big it is. (And how tiny our apartment is.)

and how crooked, but warm and cosy the blanket turned out. Even if it is unblocked.
 The light brown knitted square is yarn from my grandmother.

The grey square by Mimles bottom is yarn from Ida's grandmother, and the one by her left ear which is in purples are also made from yarn from our grandmother. (we think)

The orange ones are from my friends grandmother and the white sparkly yarn is from boyfriends grandmother.

You can barely see on the grey knitted square in the top right corner has some white crochet ribbon-thing  on it we think is from my aunts mother in law.
I finished it off with leftover yarn from the last blanket. Three rows of white.

Where are the treats?

The recipients name is IDA. The I was made by my boyfriend. The D was made by her brother and the A by her little sister.
This blanket was a joint effort. My friends helped a lot. All the yarn was from stash, some from my grandmother, boyfriends grandmother, my friends grandmother and the recipients  grandmother (although my grandmother is also hers as she is my cousin)

Congratulations on finishing your masters!


RC said...

What a wonderfully fun project :) Looks great and will provide memories generations.

Vilje Vanilje said...

I am a tiny bit unhappy with how crooked it is, but I have decided that it looks great as it is. It fills its purpose and I LOVE how it is made from stash. And it is big enough so that it could last for a long time without being lost… ;)

I want to make one for me too. This was a great project to try new things. My friend has her first knitting piece with deliberate holes in it (you know the hole technique) an some wonderful tries at different granny squares. I love it. :)

Virpi said...

There is loads of shops that sells knitting yarns in Finland. You can write in google neulelankoja and perhaps the brand you are looking for so you are able to find several options. For example lankatalo.net has a large selection. Write to me if you need help.

Virpi said...

Sorry, forgot to mention that the bag that I stitched the snowman was bought in a flower shop.