Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Cute and furry things

Today we had a visitor and had lots of fun! We ate lasagna and watched the x-files and ate cake.
So looking forward to the next season of x-files, I hope we manage to watch everything before the new season starts!

The other day we went to the store, and look what we found?
They had a whole section of different meats from lamb and look at how they chose to dress the section?
With cute furry lamb toys. I don't think they thought that through properly...

No animals were harmed in the making of this film

In other news, my eye is fine and M, the bunnies and I went on a photoshoot with the same lady that took our wedding pictures. Apparently we were a challenge and bunnies have approximately the same attention span as three year olds. But we got some nice pictures in between. Valmin hid most of the time, and Mimle showed her disapproval by peeing on my crochet blanket (that I am too scared to wash since my darning of yarn ends were a bit iffy and I am scared it might unravel) and then nipping my arm. At one point Valmin went into the carrier, but decided to come out pretty soon and went exploring.


They are fine now btw. After some treats. And I suspect this shot will go on the mantle, if we had a mantle that is.

I bought lots of yarn from Drops since they have a sale at the moment, I think I need some more though, and I DO have plans for all that yarn. ^^ I need a blue dress. And those purple and pinks will be some sort of accessories. But I want to make a bolero or jacket as well, so need more yarn. I finally feel more confident in making clothes so I am going to make more while I still feel like I can do it! Before I make too many presents that is, I hardly have anything I have made for myself, which I suspect most crafters suffer from. We give everything away.

We might have eaten a ton of cake these past few days, but I also have done some crochet. And although I started this ripple blanket a while ago it goes rather slow, so I started two new things. The hat I promised my cousin ages ago and a new vest for boyfriend. In grey, so it suits his suit. hehe.
But that is all for fun.


Brenna said...

You know you're a knitoholic when you drool more at the picture with yarns than the pic with cake (and I know how yummy that cake was!)

Cute pictures of the bunnies too, looks like they had an adventure^^

Vilje Vanilje said...

Yes, indeed! I love drops yarn, so soft and cuddly so when they are on sale it is best to act fast and use some of the savings. M did not let me use any of the money from the wedding though:p

I think that was my favorite cake of them all, even if all the cakes were delicious.

I think they tolerated it.:) i don't think it is something I would have done a lot since they didn't have all that much fun, but when Valmin in particular is impossible to take pictures of and I wanted pictures, they had to do it as a gift to me on my wedding :)