Friday, 15 July 2016

Friday Fancies and Finishes

It is Friday and I have not only one, but two finishes!
A dress and a skirt! One for me and another baby finish.
I had a hard time with the sewing, luckily for me I had a good sensei teaching me, although I finished I am not yet confident enough to make one on my own so I am hoping A can come by and sew with me some more. But I do love my skirt, not as much as the original, and there are a lot of room for improvements, but still I love it and it fits too, even after several bites of cake.

My knitting adventure is still not quite finished, I still have 18 or so rows to go before doing the weird sewing together and coupling and what not before making the lining. But I wanted a finish first so I stuck with these two which payed off.

The Angel Wings pinafore with the Angel Pop over dress. I like both patterns but I think a merging of the two might be more useful.  The first is open all the way down with lots of buttons which I don't think is particularly useful and the latter might have too small an opening for a baby head.
I made my Angel wings pinafore closed by sc-ing up each side and then sc-ing them together up to the neck lining so that a big baby head can fit through. I need buttons still, but I didn't have anything that fitted, so that and the jacket is not quite finished yet, but that can wait a bit I think.
As you can see this dress is shorter than the other but wider.
I used 119 grams to finish this.
I prefer the dc's in this dress over the trebles in the pop over dress but I like the neck lining a lot better in the pop over dress. So I am thinking making a third dress with elements of both, and I want to make an opening on the side where the increases go if possible...
And I still have two and a half balls of pink yarn from Mister M going yarn shopping.

Other things I am making is another gacha stitches pattern. I am making two in fact, one in cotton and one in wool, one with each square separate and the other three in a row.
Can you guess what we are making?

Bunnies are chilling, we need more chilling in this world I think.
Mister M and I had sushi again whilst watching QI.

And I have been doing lots more board games this week, when we finally understood it, elevenses was rather fun, not as fun as Zombie Fluxx but still more fun than sewing on the sewing machine which does not want to do what I want it to do. And btw E2 didn't know why the underline thread thingy misbehaved so last time either, so there.

Oh, and Mister M had a lot of fun with his aunt and apparently I am approximately 67,19% Norwegian, 18,75% Sami, 13,28% Swedish and 0,78% Dutch and one of the Swedish prosents may be Belgian or something. Rather amusing if you ask me, Mister M seems to have almost as many nationalities in his family history as I do.

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