Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bringebær og Bunday

Bunnies are once again chilling. We have not, it is not yet vacation time here in the burrow and Mister M is busy working still. Last weekend we helped my cousin move and we were at friends yesterday watching Harry Potter and eating dinner. We also got berries and caramel popcorn which was delicious!

Oh, and yeah, I have played a little Pokémongo. So it seems like we have another little critter in our house.

An Eevee. She was cute...

I have finished staining outside, or rather our neighbour kindly did it for us. I did do some which meant I couldn't leave the house for 24 hours as I had done outside the front door and I had to let Mister M go out of the side door which doesn't have an outside lock. Since there was less painting than I had thought I bought some more and have started on the doll cradle, I bought a very soft purple which I really like, I just wonder how many coats it will take before the dark blue is gone.

Look what we have in our "yard",  a raspberry bush! The bunnies got some and were delighted. Mister M got the last and was also delighted. I hope it sprouts and grows more, I love raspberries.

I have bought these little trolls a clicker so we will see how easy they will learn new things, I am hoping Mimle will have fun with it at least, she is quite bright. Valmin is more like his coat shade, not so bright but soft and fluffy. And they are still not done with the molting!

-Please Sir, May I have some more?

These days we are watching J-drama again, and I have rediscovered Full house which is a hoot, I love old shows, and we are watching Quantum Leap. Also we are still decluttering and going trough things and throwing away and donating stuff, it is weird how much one accumulates, but I will not become a horder!

I am still chugging away on the next gacha pattern, the reveal is so close now, but you have to wait a bit more. So I can't show too much yet, but here is another little peak, what do you think we are making?

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