Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Vilje Gjør ting hun ikke kan

Vilje does things she does not know how to do

like knitting,

My knitting adventure is slowly progressing, I am not so sure I am getting better at it, I might just do too little to have any real progress to show regarding skill and confidence. But I am progressing in the sense that the jacket is nearing completion. I have under thirty rows left to do on the body before I am to something with the stitches on the threads and then sewing together under the arms before picking up stitches on the sides and arms and then somehow it will be finished. Sometime this year I hope....
I do like knitting I just don't feel like I have any clue about what I am doing and why,


Other things I am doing that I have no idea how to do is sewing, somehow I have got it into my head that I can sew a skirt, one of my favourite skirts are dying a little so I wanted to make another... Encouraged by sewing friends I somehow ended up with buying lots of fabric and with the help of my one my friends I have sewn all the panels, trouble is I have no idea how to continue, I am a total n00b. But I did get the hang of changing the under thread thing since I had to redo it about a  hundred times because somehow I did it wrong and I made a lot of knots and mess.... 

I love my fabric choices. Apparently I like flower prints, but they didn't have any geometric-like fabric designs, I wanted something swirly or wavy with the flowers but I had to settle for the bunnies.

And then I am still doing some on the things I can do, which I am good at. Another baby dress is started and the second baby cardigan is finished, just needs buttons and I am not sure if I want to sew on the pink ones I already bought, am thinking about something white... So a proper finish will come when the buttons are all on and done!
The baby cardigan weighed 100 grams so exactly two balls of yarn in hot pink from Drops Baby Merino, that pattern was Flower Power Cardigan by Nicki Trench.


Regarding life and other things I have done lately here is an update. 
Mister M is coming down with something, but we have been busy these past days, playing board games, FLUXX is a ton of fun, family dinner with sushi and prawns, out shopping with friends twice, eating pizza, making strawberry jam, and having a knit and natter session or two and listening to the rain inside with a cup of tea is always a treat.

So that is what I am focusing on, finishing my knitting jacket, baby dress and sewing something. Possibly also one of the ongoing baby blankets.... Also I do want to play more Zombie Fluxx.

What are you up to?

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