Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Wedding Blanket Squares Twenty-One

Here we got to practice our Magic Ring which i am rubbish at, and clusters and you could do a standing Dc and Sc or a regular one. Clusters are fun I think, the standing stitches are a bit more confusing, *Kio really liked them and have started using them instead of chain three as the first stitch sometimes, I need more practice;)

It was very useful in the walkthrough that Dedri tells us that at round 3 your work will curl up into a bowl but that it will straighten itself out later.
I love round eight, it was so much fun making the chain three skip two, sc in next that round sort of just whizzed past.

21x21 cm and 31 grams and four hours again since I didn't do any frogging.

*Kio's square.

I love how she made all those soft blue/purple tones the main colour and used them for so many rows, I think my row 4 in medium blue stands out too much and minimises the small star shape in the middle that I love.

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