Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Wedding Blanket Squares Twenty-Two

Now this square was hard! Firstly I am not very good at popcorn stitches, and for some reason my rounded shaped dark purple round just did not want to become round! And then there was those palm-like green things, I tried and I tried and had almost given up, I had to start another square just so I would feel like there was progress because the deadline seemed to be looming, then *Kio had to come to my rescue, and she helped me quite a bit. I have no idea why this square was so hard, the pattern wasn't har d to read, the walkthrough was good with pictures and all, but it just wouldn't click. Still I am not sure what I did, but I muddled my way through, and I did the same spacing as the walkthrough suggested in that row and not as the pattern stated because it would be more symmetrical then.

This might be the one square I would not recommend anyone to do, sure it looks good, I like how the palm-like green row looks now that I have the whole ordeal a little behind me, but I can tell you this is one square I did not like making and felt looked horrible after. Now though I think it looks fine, a bit wonky and I am not sure about that dark purple, and I wish I could do popcorn stitches, but hey, it is finished and I did it! And it only took me a little over a week and several froggings, yes, several, all in all I might have made this square ten times or so;) It was a good thing I did some on another square too I think or I might have become too discouraged to finish.

21x21 cm and 31 grams.

*Kio's square. I adore her colour choices and I wish I had grouped that purple/blue more with the dark purple, it looks smashing, and that thin dark purple line almost at the end looks superb.
I think maybe I need to have *Kio teach me how she does popcorns because hers look stellar just like in the patten. Whilst my square resembles more a boat wreck *Kio has mastered a mermaid like feel in her square, The dark popcorn row looks like that fish that makes nice round patterns at the sea floor to attract a mate....

Btw, sorry these wedding blanket updates have been a bit slow, I will try to do better, but I am not making any promises because then I will surely forget again. Hehe.

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