Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tuesday night fever

night fever, yes, I have a slight fever and I have Kobushi Factory's last single stuck in my head, but there is another song from this group which I really love lately

-Samba- Kobushi Janeiro-


Hashire- dashx3   Takaku-Jumpx3   Odore-Dancex3
I love this song, makes me kind of want to watch the Olympics, I wish this song was the official Olympics song! This is again a three song single, but this one is my favourite! 

-If you keep dancing you'll get it eventually-
#words to live by

This song will be on the concert, the next few weeks until the concert I will show some of the songs that I love hat will be on it!

Also this is another song I have had on repeat for the past few days, 
-Berryz koubou, Succha ka Meccha ka-
This dance is awesome! And the song is so happy, I want to dance. さすが Tsunku-san
Yes, and another swimming gesture whilst dancing, Hello!Project is really good at that.

Also the last song I have had on my repeat which I blame completely on my fever is Caramelldansen.
Please watch at your own discretion. XD

I have not been idle even though I have spent my time mostly sleeping and getting sympathy licks from Mimle, I have tried watching TV and not remembering anything, reading and having the same problem and crocheting and really using the yarn. i.e., having to frog and start over several times due to not having a working brain, but it is progressing.

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