Friday, 1 July 2016

Finished Friday, rebels and buns

Remember I was busy making baby clothes for a gift for little Maru-chan who was born in May, I made booties, a blanket and four bibs and since I finished the Flower Power Cardigan too last Saturday I included it in the gift (with a vintage Postman Pat book) for the next day because we were invited to meet the baby and see the adults and we got cake the next day^^ The parents said they loved the present but because I finished just the day before I forgot to measure how much I used, I know I started one ball of new dark pink and used a little on the next ball and a tiny bit lighter pink... So I am guessing about 60 grams... And three shiny new pink buttons from my LYS. Little Maru-chan looked super cute in her clothes but I do think wool is a bit hot for summer but you never know, for the past week it has been mostly raining. But I would gladly make another when she is too big for her gift;)

 I felt inspired and started another Flower Power cardigan from the book Cute and Easy crocheted Baby clothes by Nicki Trench, and would you know I ran out of yarn :S 80 grams of dark pink, so I started a dress, but what happened? I ran out of yarn again, at 80 grams again, so I need to buy more yarn... Shoganai yo.

So I did. I went to my LYS, in the rain and got soaked.

And I got the last two balls of this colour and I will finish my cardigan, I also bought four tiny pink buttons. I wonder what kind of finish I will do on this. The original has flowers, so either that or a pocket I think. But I haven't bought any more of the pink cotton because then I have to go out of town, so maybe next week, unless I can bribe Mister M to go yarn shopping for me;)

In other news, the bunnies, and mostly Mimle is molting again...
The blob to the right is Valmin and the one on the left is Mimle and just one session. They both hate brushing so i try to pluck whilst petting which sort of works better for us at least... But they are still at the point where they run away from me if I come close with a determined look. I swear those bunnies are mindreaders and always know what I am up to.

Also I am a rebel. Using my clothes pin for taco spices on my tea and sporting a Christmas towel in July. But it is Jul-i-gjen i Juli so there, a bad joke for you Norwegians.

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