Sunday, 17 July 2016

Natsu/Netsu Bunday Party

Bunnies are happy since we cleaned house today again. Although Mimle does not look very happy here but that is because while we clean she has this face on. I may or may not have accidentally pulled their cardboard house off the carpet to vacuum and marvelled at how heavy it was since all the clean clothes was on it, and then first one bunny left and then another with quite a disdainful flick of the feet towards me. I am still in the doghouse I think. 

I also may or may not have purchased some yarn last month and this month, because there may or may not have been a sale. First on wool and then on cotton, how could I refuse. And since I am a sucker for a sale I buy just above the minimum limit to get free shipping even though I did not plan on buying that much... I haven't had the heart to do the maths, but, three balls of yarn in there are *Kio's and some are for gachastitches so it is not all me. 
On the plus side, I found a use for my mothers old doll cradle. 
and there is still room for more.

And I have finished six of ten squares in the cotton gachastitches and three of nine in the wool gachastitches pattern, so it is getting closer to revealing, so far I haven't found any trouble. *knockonwood*

I also may or may not have started packing for our summer vacation, there is after all less than a month to go. Also I may or may not have packed a pair of wool socks, I know, where we are going it is going to be warm, but I made that mistake in Barcelona and almost died of hypothermia under the aircondition and will not make the same mistake again. Now I need to think about books and most importantly what crochet/knitting supplies I will bring. Something easy but which might take a while, like another knitted scarf, and perhaps something more challenging, like the gachastitches pattern we are testing? Need to think about this some more...
But I am not bringing the bunnies no matter how much they sit in my suitcase.

Also we got the pokèmon game, but since I have a fever we decided against going out to catch them all for now. I want to get better first.

Picture from Miss Felt

I have tickets! I am fulfilling one of my decade long dreams! I am going to Japan to see Hello!Project. I get to see Morning Musume16, Cute, Angerme, country girls, juice=juice, kobushi and tsubaki factory and I am so happy! The tickets went for sale today and our friend Miss Felt in Japan fixed some for us and she is coming too, she used to be a fan and somehow I got her hooked on the new factories. We are going to Japan and we are going to karaoke, shopping, eating and sightseeing but the most important part in my book was the concert which is why we had to go in the warmest seasonXD 

Today's song, Kiss, summer party.
Fits well with having a fever.
Too bad they are all graduated.
But at least I get to see Masaki.

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