Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tuesday Tunes again and counting down

Where I count down to the concert and show off some of the songs I love which they will sing.

Ora wa ninkimono by Kobushi Factory
I am a genious. hehe. A cover song from an old anime, I love this song, I haven't listened to the original though. I love the dance and video, although the longer pants look less than adorable.
The video reminds me of old Berryz when they were tiny goofballs, this group can do genki goofballs which H!P have lacke for a while since Berryz grew up and disbanded.

This song will be in the concert I think, it is not my favourite from this single, the Samba one from last week is, but it is good, better than the last one which I haven't shown.

Shabondama by Morning Musume.

Shabondama, an oldie but a goodie. It is hard to think I wasn't even a fan when this song was made and that all the members here have graduated. Look at how small Gaki is, and Sayumi and Kame.  Aww.
My beloved two top shines here, I love the Ai's, and that both the Ai's get to sing Ai many times. Very pfunny. I love the dance and the rolling of the R's, from the days where their videoes actually got some money put into it, all look fierce and it is refreshing that they all have different clothing on and dance seemingly randomly. Tanaka surprisingly looks very yanki, maybe not so surprisingly really. I remember that one performance where Sayumi danced her mic off, she is almost as butterfingered as I am.


In other news I have been staining the walkway outside and am stuck inside for 24 hours while it dries, I will have to let husband out the patio-door when he goes to work. Also I may have been singing out load whist painting to my mp3 player so that my neighbour closed her window, oops. Oh well, I had fun at least. Also we are playing pokémon, even though there are hardly any around here, and I am busily crocheting the next pattern for gachastitches.

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