Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hold on, its bunny time

So Happy Birthday to me. 
(which is not until December, but since I need a bunny card and I usually don't get enough bunny cards for my birthday I made one myself. Usually people just say that it was hard to find so they got me this teddybear/kittycat/random turtle, but I still wanted a bunny, I buy cards all year long and keep stored for when I need them and personally think everybody should) 
I am not ungrateful mind you, it is the thought that counts, but I take matters in my own hands and shall make more bunny cards for when I feel like I need one;)

Bad picture, but hey, a finish is a finish. No matter how bad the picture. I love Margaret Sherry designs and the backstitch was not as bad as I had imagined since I got new gold plaited needles....
I am going to bed now, after bunny gets her cuddles that she has been not so patiently waiting for and nudging after.

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