Monday, 6 April 2015

a box is not always a box

Sometimes it is a fort to keep your treats safe, a playhouse or maybe an invisible fox.

The other day we put a box in the kitchen. Valmin was thrilled, but Mimle needed a little coaxing to sit beside it, she is such a scardy pants sometimes. Today she saw a plastic container that boyfriend had left on the floor and completely panicked. She thumped and thumped and ran around trying to find a safe spot to hide. Valmin casually went up to me and got a treat but Mimle wouldn't have anything to do about that and hunched over looking intently at the box. It was only when boyfriend removed it that she relaxed and ate her treat. (or rather a new one because Valmin ate both his and hers for a change).

But back to the cardboard box, Valmin as I said had a hoot, jumping on it, in it, around it and even tried under it but to no avail. So he dug a little on it instead. Then we gave them some salad and Mimle got some happy memories of the box and would sit next to it while Valmin hid his salad in the box so he could eat it in peace. He is not so dumb as we sometimes thinks he is. At least when it comes to food.

But I still think his hearing has gone worse and think a checkup is in order soon, he might have a ton of earwax in there since Mimle doesn't seem to get his hinting that he needs his ears groomed, she only grooms his eyes and top of the head. Valmin on the other paw is very diligent about Mimle's ears and helps her to keep them clean everyday, her protest that she can keep her own ears clean goes to deaf ears.

Bunnies are such fun.

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