Monday, 27 April 2015

Monday bits and bobs

This weekend mum and I went to a flea market, there weren't that much interesting stuff, but we did find some bits and pieces. We got a whole plastic bag of table cloths.
I got a flowerpot for free and a flower vase for five Kroner.

The flower pot I think will live on my desk with some paintbrushes inside... 
And I got the other bookcase my dad made, so I have to paint it now.

I tried my first Chevron pattern, and I figured it out. I know I am a very visual person so I googled chevron crochet and diagram and just used that. I love the colours, boyfriend says it looks like ice cream. I wonder what I will make with my newfound chevron making skill. I am thinking a blanket, but I don't really have the patience for another blanket... Maybe a scarf?

Speaking of scarfs, I have almost used up the first ball of yarn on my scarf/shawl thing that I am currently knitting. I LOVE the yarn, it will be nice to out on my shoulders in the colder summer nights I think.

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