Sunday, 5 April 2015

Påskekos in the house

This Vacation has seen us doing lots of little home-improvement and life-hacking along with some serious "kos" time, so want to see some accomplishments?

Yesterday we were at some friends house and played cards, I had lots of fun, I didn't win though, which usually equals no fun so I guess that proves how good the game is. 
And yes, I brought knitting, crochet and cross-stitch, because you never know what you are in the mood for. 
Since I started my shawl with the long end my rounds are going faster and faster and it seems I will only use two or three skeins which means there will be plenty left to make a crochet border. ^^
I am definitely making another one later, but this year is about me, it is about time I made some stuff for myself too.

Oh, and about things for myself, I have finished painting my dollhouse, three coats of shiny white and  it looks good if I may say so myself. Here are all my knitting-crochet-sewing books and patters and some boxes with yarn and started projects. I think I will like this corner. Let's just hope the bunnies know how to leave it alone...

The bunting on top is something I made a few weeks ago. I think I will make another because it looks so cute on top of my house like that.

In the ongoing season of bunny-proofing everything we bought some floor vinyl and put on the floor and side of the IKEA HOL to prevent spillage of hay and easy cleaning of accidents and stray poo. Honestly it was well worth both time and money because we only had to fill twice yesterday which I think is a first. Bunnies love it.

Also boyfriend and I went for a walk and this little dude said hello, I love birds that live near people because this little guy could not care less about us or the cars and just happily sang away.

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