Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hoppity hello

Better late than never?
I told you I was going to make something easter-y and finally I found a pattern I really liked. I made eight little bunnies from here, and am going to put them on a string so that I can hang then up later.

 Hoppity bunnies.

Inquisitive bunnies
Bunnies love jumping up on the sofa and cause mischief, or beg, one out of the two. Here they are begging for a treat and who could resist those little faces?

Picture borrowed from Kunstindustri-museumet
My friends and I went to a museum the other day too and saw this exhibition,  The needle's eye  contemporary embroidery. Some embroideries were from the 16th century and some were new. My favourite piece was one that was made in a old fashion sampler style with an alphabet, name and date when someone died and a funny little poem about how he died, I felt inspired to make my own, but I think that idea will have to wait a while...  

We also went shopping for yarn and ate some crepes.

My bunting is done, it only needs blocking. Btw, I found the pattern here, I modified it a little bit by making double ends so that I could use them to tie the bunting up with. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I will show you a picture.

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