Friday, 10 April 2015

Finished Friday

But I almost forgot to post. I finished my shawlette (I learned a new word too, apparently a shawlette is a small shawl, so I thought it fitted) yesterday night and laid it to block all night, I still need to iron out some creases though, and when I have done that I will give you the measurements.

But it works perfectly as a scarf as well, and yes, that is my foot for comparison.

Photo courtesy by E2knity

My friend has contributed to my bouquet,  I love the colours, the good thing about asking people to make flowers for you is that you get new yarn and colours. Plus it is fun and I love having things that others have made for me whilst thinking of me. Doesn't everyone?
If I have ever made anything to you it means I like you.
I wonder if I get any knitted ones for my bouquet as well?

Look! We have flowers in our garden!

And a bike! And they match! 
I was a good girlfriend today and whilst with my mum we went to the shops and bought some stuff, had lunch and picked up boyfriends bike, I hope he'll like it.

And since I finished my shawlette I started another in thicker yarn. I hope this one goes a little faster, and that I have fewer mistakes, I only counted five on the last shawlette so it is moving forward. The light pink is from stash and the variegated one I bought at a sale, because I needed some wool to go with my stash buster yarn. Naturally I had to buy two skeins since they were on sale. I might not be stash busting as much as I think I am.

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