Monday, 13 April 2015

In the Sunbeams there is hope

Look,  my flowers are growing. I am very bad at growing real flowers but these just seem to grow by themselves without much encouragement, which is my kind of flower. 
 My goal is at least one a day so no wonder they seem to fly by. 

Look, the box looks really at home in my dollhouse! The frame above is the one I am contemplating to paint the same pink. I Love this little corner of our room, now all it needs is a comfy chair to sit and stitch in, grandmas chair for instance. 

I've made another bunt in my bunting ;)

Mimle and Valmin were good buns today and ate their salad together ^^Mimle usually steals Valmins pellets as fast as she can, but this time she let him eat his heart out. He looked very happy.

Isn't he precious?

Remember the friend I talked about the other day? I can't seem to remember much about her, but the things I do remember for the most part are happy memories. Like how we ate at McDonalds together and she could only have the fries, like she always sang the song about fishballs that lived in the sea and drove me nuts. I am very happy that I wrote those journals because 11 years later I had forgotten about the fishballs song. Every Christmas I take out the snowman she got me for my birthday and I think about her. I wish she was still around but I am sure she is at peace now. 

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