Friday, 17 April 2015

A friendly heart

I am being a good girl and checking my gauge whilst making a swatch. I hope this yarn will fit, although I think the pink would have been nicer in a slightly darker shade. But we will see, so far the pattern has not been too difficult, but I need to check the other parts of the pattern as well, so you will likely see some more swatches soon.

Sandnes babyull garn, although it appears that particular colour might be going out, but their web page states four other pinks, so I guess I am good. :p

My friend made me some flowers, aren't they lovely?
Thank you.

And some very green leaves that were impossible to take a photo of because they were so tiny.

With my flowers I think I almost have a full bouquet so I guess the rest of the flowers will turn into table decorations:)

I am ending this post with some bunny love... Valmin is grooming Mimle.

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