Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Jinsei wa


My bouquet is growing. I have made ten leaves and 22 flowers so far, but I know I need plenty more.
It is rather nice to make different flowers from different patterns knowing it will turn into something in the end, I would not have the patience to make a hundred little flowers from one pattern and yarn like some people do who make the most gorgeous shawls or blankets, I wish I did have the patience though, but you can't have it all.

My shawl is nearing it's completion, the knitted part is done, and I still have plenty of skein two so I am currently making a edge on it... Or rather looking at patterns to see which ones would fit. 
Mimle has the cutest little bottom so I completely understand her need to show it to me constantly. 

Even though I love painting I must say I am glad that we have the end of painting is in sight, because it is a bit frustrating having furniture in the middle of the room with plastic on the floor for days on end. 
The bookcase is finished, one coat to prevent seepage of the wood and two coats of white with three coats on the shelves themselves takes a lot of time, especially when you have to wait six hours between coats. The twin to this is still at mums place and will have to get the same treatment one of these days.

The small box on the floor I found at dads with lots of cards inside, most not written, I have no idea what he thought about them, but since they had been stored in the basement most smelt funky so we threw them away. I washed the box and primed it. I will paint it pink and store my finished cards in it so that I know where they are when they need using.

The dresser for our bedroom got one coat of the same primer underneath and two coats of blue two shades darker than the walls in our bedroom so it should fit nicely in there wedged between the bed and closet.

The knobs are painted the same colour as the wall in our bedroom, but it needs another coat before I can put it back in there. And the pile of clothes behind there was supposed to be put in storage for summer, but then it snowed so we kept them in the living room for a bit more time just to make sure the snow stayed away. 
The colour is more accurate in the first picture.

 Today I think about and remember a friend I used to have and all the fun things we used to do.
I miss her, or maybe I just miss those days, but still life goes on.

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