Saturday, 11 April 2015

Uki uki Rabu

Today we have had a little sleepy day here in the burrow. Rabbits L O V E their bed, but it seems that some bun somehow always end up with a little bum out of the bed so we are contemplating buying a second so that both fit perfectly.

Mimle was flopping in the bed when Valmin decided to join her and there was no room for two flopping bunnies so they had to be loafing bunnies instead. I love it when they smush their heads together like that. True love.

The box is almost finished! I adore the colour and I know I said that I was feeling like I was done with all the painting, but I still find myself searching for more items to paint in this colour... Like the frame over my dollhouse or the plate rack from my dad because this colour makes my heart go all fluttery and uki uki doki doki, and it does go with our purple wall too.
And small things don't take up so much space while they get remodelled anyway so it won't clutter that much.

And I am making some more bunting, all from scraps. This palette does look rather easter/spring-y don't you think? 

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