Saturday, 19 September 2015

And we are off

So today is the day, the countdown has finished
I am really sleepy but we are off soon to get my hair done and stuff.

Mimle is tired too, but was extatic when she saw I was up and demanded to be let into the living room. I think she went back to sleep on the right side of the gate already.

Valmin is hiding in the closet, I think the bunnies feel a bit left out and lonely since we haven't been home thatch lately.
But they will get Basil and hayracks today to celebrate.
They got hay cakes yesterday too so now the house is a mess. 

Our things are ironed and good to go!

Almost now.

Want to see my dress?
What do you think?


Virpi said...

Your dress looks really pretty!

Virpi said...

Lots of love today and beyond. =D