Thursday, 17 September 2015


We are almost done, there is a lot of little things left to do still. The pamphlet is done, but we had some printing issues so we have to add that to tomorrow.
I have hardly done any crocheting today which was a shock, but I can imagine I am going to stay up a bit and catch up with the daily quota. hehe.

Boyfriends project is well under way. We ran out of nails so we will have to finish this tomorrow.
Want to guess what it is?

I have been busy prettifying my nails today and it took forever, it was really hard too, sitting still for that long watching "Åndenes Makt Sweden", I am always busy crafting while sitting in the sofa and in the end I had to opt for singing jpop songs on the iPad. Luckily my nails dried, not so luckily I still have one coat on the other hand....


So, we need to get back to cracking, no more procrastinating!

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