Friday, 11 September 2015


 Me and my friends had a crafty day together.
Since I am crazy I decided the other day to make my own cake topper inspired by some beautiful ones on etsy, I asked my friends to help me, I am after all not the best with clay. And it is much more fun playing together.

So I bought fimo clay and heartily lept into new and uncharted territory.

It feels like a mix between regular clay and PlayDoh but way less messy, I like the texture, too bad my ears didn't turn out the same size, but my friends helped and now everything is properly sized.

First my friend made the bows in white clay but then we remembered that we had bought pink and purple so we made the bows again... Or rather she did. Several times. Kio then made flowers for the girl bunny.

In the oven.
If the temperatures exceed 130 toxic fumes would be produced and the package stated we would need to go outside. Kio helped read the instructions, she found them in German and began to read, only it wasn't German but Danish. Hehe. Almost the same;)

I painted the eyes and ears, and that is about how far I got to help XD
But they look really good.

Oh, and I am even crazier than I first stated. Since my dress was finished yesterday I decided to bling it up a bit and am sewing itty bitty pearls on it. But that is ok, I have a week left.
Lots of time to be crazy!

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