Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Todays show and tell is a finish.

My mother and I did the last of the decorations.
So now we have Mason Jars with star light inside and bunny jars with lights and eight jam jars with heart bands on them and two of those even have a flower.

The idea is to have a light in each jar and have them on the tables while we eat. The larger jars have LED-lights in them so there is no fire hazard.

Here is the finished jars. And those bands took forever to make.
I still have some leftover yarn and I think I'll continue to make flowers and leaves so that they can be scattered all over the tables.

And I settled on a shawl. My mother knitted this for me last year, but so late in the season that I didn't really wear it. The other day I blocked it thoroughly and my mother just gave med the leftover yarn so I'll make the border a little bigger I think because it has a tendency to still curl around.
And then I will be done.
Boyfriend still has a project that I hope to show off tomorrow. But I am going to remove my nail polish now so that my nails are easy to fix later.

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