Wednesday, 9 September 2015


The other day my maid of honor was here and we got to tick off a lot of boxes on my To-Do-List, one of the things we did were our bouquets. 

This is her bouquet, and her dress in the background. The dark blue thing in the upper right corner  is her bolero which she is knitting herself, and it looks great. I wish I was a good knitter, but I don't practice enough I think, the bolero/jacket I was making for the wedding for myself kind of went on the back burner and now I think a shawl might look better with the dress. (the same shawl that is in the afore mentioned post.) You know because of the neck frill...

I think the bouquets look amazing. I'll put up a how to another day of how we made ours if anyone is interested, but I might as well tell you it involved a lot of glue!
As I said before I got my idea from here, but I know several other people have also made their own crochet/knitted bouquet.
My bouquet are in different hues of pink and purple, we decided hers would look better with the darker tones because of the flowers in her dress.
I think both look great but am wondering if mine is a bit too big after all, but oh, well, I am the bride after all, it should look big.

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