Friday, 4 September 2015


This is the second bracelet, and it is more of a bracelet than a wrist warmer than the purple one.
I used the same scallop the pattern that is used on the edge of the straps on the dress.
I think it looks great and I am sure it will keep me warm. 
When I bought the yarn for the dress I bought 14 balls of yarn, and I used every bit but one skein, so I think that was good planning. (although I initially only bought ten and thought I had plenty, but it is always a bit of a puzzle how much yarn you'll use when you don't use the yarn specified in the pattern. I didn't want to use the Japanese yarn that was stated in the pattern in case I ran out before I finished which might have turned into a crisis if I didn't have time to buy more yarn, which is the main reason I used Norwegian yarn.)

Tomorrow I think I'll weigh the dress and see how much it weighs, because even if it is a small dress it has been heavy on my lap whilst I worked on it... :) 

I also made some more leaves, I think I might have enough now, and if I don't, too bad, because I am all out of this yarn now;) 
The rest of the evening I'll spend sewing in the yarn ends and not eat any candy because I put on the dish washer and it just finished, and the store just closed.. Why do dish washers take three hours to finish? Boohoo... Oh well, I have soda at least.

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