Saturday, 5 September 2015


Another sneak peak. My hair decorations. I made a bow from the same pattern as the main part of the dress.

The backside is made from some leftover yarn from boyfriends bow and I think it looks good. I just used ordinary hair clips to attach the bow.

Look, I have been busy. These are all snippets from the last week with some green but mostly pink and purples.
And today I started on the maid of honor's bouquet, I think I will be finished by tomorrow. 
Boyfriend and I took a walk to the store and stocked up on some candy and food for the rest of the week, and it didn't even rain. It is a mere 20 degrees inside and around ten outside and we are contemplating bringing some of the electric heaters from the storage room, but for today we just dressed ourselves in tons of blankets.

I hope your weekend was fun!

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