Sunday, 6 September 2015


Here is another preview of the dress.
I had a friend over and she helped me a lot with pinning needles on the dress with me in it.
Boyfriend is nice and all, but some things are easier with friends.

I think the dress fits quite good with the under-dress and what not. So there isn't really that much left to do on it now.

Sewing the bottom frills in place and the same with the neck frills. 
The white frills on the bottom are some of the leftover things I got from my aunt that she inherited from her mother in law, but I am not quite sure who these frills in particular come from. Not that it matters much though, I am just glad they became useful. It was perfect too, because I really wanted something like this for the bottom of the dress as well as on the bouquet and since there were not that much suitable bands in the stores at the moment I was very happy to inherit these.
And even more happy that I didn't have to make them by hand from scratch to get the look I was aiming for...

The living room is off limits while I sew the bottom part on, I don't want any inquisitive bunnies jumping in my lap with pins all over the place. So far they are taking it well. 

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