Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wedding Pictures Spam

Here comes some pictures from our wedding-day! They are all taken by Anne Andersen over at Studio Lk. We were lucky because everything was at the same place, the church, the party and the photographer.

Just married!

Picture taken By: Trude
This is a picture of the cake my cousins wife made which was yummy. I think we ended up with six cakes for a little over 60 people and we are still eating cake! 
Cake for breakfast anyone?

I was amazed because both husband and I look great in all the pictures, and I attribute partly my make up artist, hairdresser, and the great taking picture skills of Anne!

I adore my shoes, too bad I broke them later XD
And my flowers look so good! 
Apart from the sting I can honestly say the day was a success, partly because of my mothers co-workers who came and helped in the kitchen and our families who helped clean up later when I was a bit visually impaired.
I hope I get pictures from family and friends soon, because I want to show off the decorations inside too, we got lots of praise that everything looked so professional and matching.

All my years of looking at Hello Project pictures has given me some skills in modeling as well. Maybe. Because apparently we were lots of fun to take pictures of and had great ideas on how to pose.

Does my dress look good?
The blanket was my first real crochet project and the shawl is something my mother knitted for me.
We are off on a picnic.

I think this place might have been the culprit. I thought I got stung after dinner, but when scrutinized I can see a small pink dot on my eyelid in the pictures so I must have been stung early in the day.

The vest looks good on M too. I think we look smashing!


YowlYY said...

I think it's a beautiful photo shoot for a beautiful wedding with beautiful look fashionable, happy and very young!!! You couldn't have chosen a better place for the photo shoot, nevermind the insect! Love the crochet/crafty theme to the wedding...very inspirational! ...and congratulations to you both to your new life together <3

*Kio Valentine said...

Awww! You both look gorgeous in the photos!

Brenna said...

You look so happy <3<3<3

Vilje Vanilje said...

Brenna, of course I am happy, I got prince charming :)

Kio, yes, I was suprised too that we looked so good. The make up did wonders!

Thank you for all the congratulations!

Filthy Smithereen said...

So pretty~
I love the one where the two of you stand by the gate, it's perfect <3 although all the photos look amazing :D