Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Today I had my friends over again and we made some more headway.
Todays sneak-peek is:

The underdress, my friend helped me a little  (or rather she did everything) to customize the back because otherwise we would have seen the underdress. Now that the straps have been modified the dress is invisible when I have my dress on. And speaking of my dress, it is AGAIN, finally finished. The ruffle is on, all the beads are on. Everything is set. I am going to lay it flat with some pins in it, in the hopes that some of those pointy picots will lay down flat instead of curling upwards until the the big day. And this time it will stay finished, I will not add anything more, because I think it is perfect.
But there is still lots to do. 
Boyfriend wanted the vest a bit modified so that is next.
I am thinking of modifying a beautiful shawl my mother made for me, if she has any leftover yarn that is...

My friends and I got some more of the decorations done as well.
Here we are, crocheting heart garlands, sewing the underdress and cutting the paper-stars for the glasses.
It was a lot of fun and we got a ton done.
Boyfriend also had his own little craft workshop with a hammer and later with his trusty mac, not necessarily on the same project though, more info to come at a later time.

In the last minute we checked to see if we could understand the napkin folding we decided on, and we did, so on Friday we need to fold almost 70 of these.... No sweat right?
Friday will be a busy day.

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