Wednesday, 22 May 2013

100 pageviews Giveaway

So, I made a little giveaway. There are three prizes to be won.
So, if you want to enter, here is what you do:
Be or become a follower of my blog. 
Leave a message here, the giveaway ends on Thursday at 2300 norwegian time:)
You get an extra raffle-ticket if you blog about my giveaway (also remember to tell me that you did).

The prizes:
1 (and a small extra thing)
Contains: A small notebook from Oxfam, a pink variegated thread from Duchess?, and a woodland folk kit.

Contains: A chart-booklet from a magazine, a DMC floss colour 4073 and a Woodland folk kit.

Contains: A Tatty Ted sticker sheet, a bobbin of crochet ribbon, a chart from a magazine and a DMC skein of 3851 floss.

If no one claims their prize within a week of my post telling them they've won, I will redraw their prize.
Good luck!

And last, a picture of the beautiful flowers I got from my best friends and their mother, who used to be my boss^^ Thank you. They are lovely, even if both boyfriend and I have managed to spill all the water onto the desk one time each. 


Katherine Scott said...

Hi. I'm from the site and have read your blog before (your bunny is very cute!!)

Lovely giveaway so I am following !

Lovely flowers too :)

E2 said...

Me, me, me pick me!!!

(I even started following you, just to get your stats up, even though I check your blog daily anyway :P)

Virpi said...

Lovely giveaway =D. I would like to enter too and I'm your follower.

Prerna said...

It's been lovely to follow your blog. When I get in to work every morning, I check for updates (no pressure!). Looking forward to the giveaway! Keep blogging.

Jenn said...

Adore your blog, esp anything bunny related... always makes me think I should do more with my little bunny clan/flock/hoard. My house bunny escaped into the bedroom last night and was most put out when he was ejected promptly into the hallway. He has started peeing on the bed so he is banned!! He has decided that now he is a grumpy old man he can do what he likes without regard for anyones personal hygiene!

Anyway my Pepsi bunny and I would like to be entered into your prize draw :D