Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Start me up/living on a prayer/ Ding Dong

So it is Tuesday Tunes here in the rabbit cellar. 
First I wanted to show what I have been stitching on. Boyfriend and I have been spending most of these hot summer days inside playing playstation as both of us have come down with a summer cold. Therefore I needed something easier than Henry to spend time on and started on this alien looking character. I had to include the picture of how it will look when finished because it just looked so unappetizing and foreign with just the white and no other features. I think when finished it will look really good. I like these simple designs that still look like something you want to hang on your wall. 

And here is the song currently stuck on my mind. It is actually two, and neither is Japanese!
Where is my proposal?
Marry me by Krista Siegfrids.

I love this video with all its obviously merchandizing, so silly.

Oh, the other video? I don't think there is a good video on youtube... But this will do. The song is obviously from Glee. And I have been singing it nonstop.

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