Saturday, 11 May 2013

Store Stories and purchases

Yesterday I was out shopping with two of my friends while boyfriend was at home sleeping. He just finished his master after an all-nighter, so I thought going out would be great for both of us, bunny was not inclined to think so since she had to spend the day in a pen. So the story about my purchases came a day late.... Oh, well.

Let me show you what I bought:
This little beauty, I have decided it is the perfect place to stash half-finished cards and cards that are drying. So I put in some old cards to show you. The first is my latest finish and the other is an old valentine card from my friends. (see, sometimes I get bunny-cards and those are the ones I treasure the most). 

And I got scolded at work because I wear my hair mostly loose and I said that the only hair-piece I had was a hair-tie that I used when I was about six. And that is a long time ago, so I felt I was a bit overdue to buy all these accessories. (and I have always had long hair so I have no excuse to not have an abundance of hair accessories, I do have several hair-bows though, but they let your hair still fall around and into the paint, so I guess it was no good)

Look at my new dress, isn't it pretty? It is for the national-day. It is warm and cuddly with a bunny on it.  What more could you want in a dress? I LOVE IT. I have been drooling over it for several months now, and when it was on sale I hurriedly bought it. 

Since this is not a blog about my life really, but more about my crafts I will show you my progress. More beading done. And another Tudor-rose, how I hate those Tudor-roses.... It is really taking forever.

It has been really sad and rainy most days so I have not made a single stitch on Fred, too dark and murky to see anything...

And bunny got a new toy too, since us humans celebrated with take-out pizza and Qi.
She LOVED this toy. Inside the little wooden blocks there is a hole where we put treats and she has to take them out. Fun for everyone. Especially when she gets really frustrated and bangs it about, digs frantically and almost gives up... Oh, and it is fun watching her throw the candy out but having so much fun bashing the toy around that she forgets to eat the treats. I love bunnies.

I still have not eaten the first out-side-ice-cream-of-the-year.

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