Friday, 17 May 2013

17.Mai er vi så glad i

The title is from a norwegian song, that I used to sing on 17th of May.

Today we celebrate the National day in Norway. This is a picture from work. I adore this little dresser and its colours. I really want it. Look how the knobs don't match.
 Endearing. But sadly it is not for sale:(

I've done a little on Henry, but I still have not ripped out the part that is wrong. Since it is only on the inside of the Tudor rose and not on top I just continued over. I have now done a little bit more on it since the picture too. 

I promised to show you a sneak-peek of my prizes for the giveaway, so here goes. I might find some more goodies too.  Only two more followers to go!

In the end I want to show you a picture from when she got a new tunnel, which she still has not figured out and is only used for nibbling on.

(oh, and for my english speaking readers, I think I have managed to make my blog easier for you now as it is in English? Or at least should be)
(and I am sorry, no Friday- freebies for a while I think, as life is getting in the way)

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