Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ornament is done

Do you guys remember I said that I wanted to blog more and make more ornaments?
Since this is Ornament Onsdag (which is wednesday in Norwegian), I finished this little ornament. I changed the colours a bit since there was missing a colour.

This was how it was supposed to look. But I like my version best I think. And I LOVE the little hanger. I am doing another project which involves another hanger like this. But I am still waiting for the threads to continue. Since tomorrow is not a post day I am guessing I might be done by next Ornament Onsdag barely:)

Lately I have been eating a mango every other day, I love mangoes, where were they all the time I had the munchies and bought heaps of chocolate? I wish I had known about them sooner. 

I was at work today too, but I got to go early because I finished all the things I was going to paint, and it was too soon to do another coat though.
I used pink, purple, teal, white and turquoise, to the end where I was really fed up with washing my paintbrush. I kept forgetting to do the same colours at the same time, so I did double work, washing those brushes, which was a bit boring. I came home and slept for a couple of hours and woke to boyfriend making dinner. We had a lovely meal and then he went to his parents to do his masters which he is handing in tomorrow for the printers.... 

Let's see, do I have any bunny news? Yes, while I was preparing my lunch bunny saw a shadow, yes, a shadow and went into a panic. She fled around the room making a lot of noise. She landed under my desk, thumping frantically. She refused to come out when I called her name, so I went under the desk too, she still thumped and looked at me like: " I know you saw that too, so why are you not hiding?" said bunny. I sighed. Got up. And took out her Oxbow papaya tablets. Only then did she come out. And I was barely allowed to give her a small pet.
Silly bunny.

Oh, yeah, and I now have 15 followers. ^^ So there will be a giveaway soon, when I find out how many people had to be my followers before I gave one. I think I said either when I reach 20 followers or 200 blogposts.
(which is only 15 posts away.)
Or if I get a hundred views a day which is still not that likely since the most I got was 96 and after that I usually get around 30 :) But it doesn't matter:)

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