Friday, 3 May 2013

It is Friday again I reckon

And I did not forget! Hah! Here is a completely meaningless and boring post about absolutely nothing. But atleast I did not forget.

As you probably know by now, I work a little now. And what I do is paint furniture, I like painting, it is calming. And look at my free manicure.
I was getting a bit tired of all the pink, so I painted a chair this colour and it is a great colour indeed, works wonders with the pink.

I have a really crocked pinky. Looks a bit silly doesn't it?

But today I was home because I was not feeling very well, so I started on a freebie. From WOCS 202. Unfortunately a colour was missing and I did not have a replacement, so I choose two purples from my stash. I love the cute hangar that came with it.

This is how far Fred has gotten. Think I can finish the bird tomorrow?

 So, this is Henry, can you see the beading I've started?

 I can show you some closeups. Not the right colour, but close enough:P

 I did not bead her dress. Or the flap thing on her hat. I decided they looked good without so I left it. Less work for me the better. And I really do think beading that part of her dress would make things look crowded and I did not want that. I did not want to do french knots either so I'll just make do.

This is the replacement colours I chose. Do you know another cross stitch I am making that is using these colours? Yes, it is secret project number two, which I know is taking a lot of time, but I am down to doing the boring colours and the stupid tangling glitter floss so it takes time.... And then there will be backstitch. Will I finish that in time using only WiSP Sundays? I wonder...

Speaking of backstitch, that is all that is left on this piece so it is time to go to bed and hope I feel like being bored enough to do them tomorrow. Would have been nice with another finish though.....

Bon Voyage and then some.


Cheryl Armstrong said...

I like the purples you have chosen for the free WOXS kit. I stitched this and just found a blue out of my stash but I did change a couple of colours as I am not keen on the magazine threads so I just used the closest match I could from my stash and was quite pleased with it. You have made alot of progress on your WIPs keep up the good work x

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you. I chose DMC 553 and for the lighter purple I used 554, in case anyone wondered.

Cheryl: Do you have a picture of your finished piece?

I am contemplating if I should write the saying on this in English or Norwegian. Still not decided.

Annie said...

All of your stitching is looking great! Great update:)